Neon Sign Board

Neon Sign Board in Chennai

Neon sign board are electric signs lighted by luminous gas discharge tubes that contain rarefied neon. We are offers high quality neon sign board for various segments of industry.


Neon Sign Boards Chennai works closely with designers, architects, builders and retail designers, providing advice and recommendations in developing unique colour to suit lighting projects. We can also supply life colour sample tube designs and demonstrate nearby to simulate the actual effect, or in our showroom whenever it might suit you.


Installation is almost boundless. Where fluorescent lighting is excessively troublesome, making it impossible to fit, neon lighting will fit into the littlest of spaces, giving a steady, even glow with no flickering and quiet operation. Neon cold cathode tubes have a practically boundless lifetime, are dimmable and have a cool room temperature operation. Regarding power utilization neon, in comparison with fluorescent lighting, requires one and only quarter of wattage for the same measure of lumens, making neon 75% more efficient for the same measure of light (assuming the tubes are accurately made).


There is a wide range of colours to choose from (over 40 shades) and there is also the option of using a colour cross-fading system which requires only three standard colours to create an almost unlimited spectrum. We offer the following services:


  • Neon and cold cathode lighting
  • Ceiling cove coffers
  • Entrance foyers and under counters
  • Bridges and towers


Our wealth of experience means that we manufacture and install only the highest standard tubes. We have installed neon lighting in a wide range of areas for various types of projects in private prestige homes. Unique designs, unparalleled expertise.