LED Signage Board


Signboards Chennai offers LED sign board in Chennai which are primarily ACP board with embossed acrylic lit with high quality LED’s

LED Sign Board in Chennai can be incorporated into the following types of signage. We can implement different types of design based on your requirements.


  • Channel Letter
  • Box Lettering
  • Illuminated Signboard


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Benefits of LED Sign Boards:


Energy Efficient – LED’s energy saving advantage will pay for itself. When compared to other lighting application such as fluorescent and neon lighting systems, LEDs are 90% more energy efficient than fluorescent lighting and 80% more energy efficient than neon lighting. The bottom line is that the longer the LEDs operate the more money LEDs will save over the fluorescent and neon lighting.


Durability – LEDs are rugged, solid state devices. They can be shipped anywhere without special packaging, therefore eliminating the risk of damage during transportation. On the other hand, neon and fluorescent are very fragile and require special care and packaging during transportation.


Low Temperature Operation – LEDs are based on semiconductor technology. Like other semiconductors, their temperature must be regulated to enable long life. While they are warm to the touch, the temperature is too low to burn an individual’s hand. This greatly increases the safety of the light over incandescent and halogens, both as a fire hazard and for blazing a person when touching it.


Longevity – LED has the longest operating life expectancy than any other currently available lighting technology in the world. It also has a 99% reliability factor which means 99% of the LEDs will last over 12 years when operating at 10 hours per day year round. The chances are you will change your sign before you change the LEDs.


Maintenance Free Operation – No routine maintenance is required to ensure continued performance, so reducing costs and avoiding the possibility of missed maintenance.


Environmental Benefits – Lamp disposal problems are eliminated due to the long life of a LED, and no resources are used in routine maintenance.


Ease of Installation – A well-engineered LED system can be installed by anyone who has basic mechanical or electrical experience. Unlike neon or fluorescent system, which require highly trained technician or specialist to install.


Extreme Weather & Waterproof – Our LED are waterproof and can be submerge under water. LED also has proven to be used under extremely harsh environments. For many years, LED outdoor signboards have been used under high temperature environment and extreme low temperature. In addition, LEDs can operate at 12 low voltage DC systems that reduce fire and shock hazards significantly.


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